Retired General Medical Practitioner .

Colin Bates

I am a retired General Medical Practitioner , but life was never just medicine . I was fortunate in being able to develop my main non-academic interests at school . These were music and sport . Music at school was violin in the orchestra , which I have developed down the years and allows me to lead many small ensembles . I also sang and still do so , in one of the best choirs in the north west . My sport was hockey , which led to playing for my university and teams everywhere I worked . Despite football not being a school sport in my day , we all played and I got into various hospital teams .
Message -- be good at your favourite academic subject , but widen the extra-curricular interests , forming a rounded life .
University---Bristol . Hospital jobs in Dorset , Somerset and Yorkshire . GP Career in Shropshire
Palliative Care Diploma in my mid-fifties . Exams again ! -- but worthwhile -- allowing what we call a ' portfolio career ' , with different elements . Out of hours work achieved this too ( no nights beyond my mid-fifties ! ) .
I also did a deal of medical committee work , which actually prepared me for becoming a Trustee of three music organisations , as I gradually reduced my medical work-load . A full retirement therefore , plus the garden and the dog ; use it or lose it ' !

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