Our new website.

Our new website.

The introduction of our new website is a major change in the direction of the Association. There is now a forum for all members to contribute information about themselves; news about items of interest to other members; and information about careers, jobs and places of education. All members will be able to see and comment on members’ contributions and hopefully this will promote greater interest amongst all alumni of the school.

Additionally, guest access to our website is being given to all students of Years 12 and 13 at Hitchin Boys’ School. The students will not be able to view the Association news and documents section of the website, but they will have access to view the information and experiences from our members, the members directory and the heritage section. This should prove invaluable to current students as they plan their careers and educational choices.

Our new direction will work effectively only if members play their part in contributing to the information that is available. Please add your contributions to the forum, with pictures, if possible, and help develop the future generations.

The heritage section of the website is an area that is yet to be developed further. Already many of the teachers of the school are listed in the searchable directory, but many more are still to be added. Additionally we need information about each of the teachers to build up our record. If you can write a short pen-portrait of any of the teachers, please do this and send it to the secretary. There is a link for this on the Staff page.

Photographs and pictures from the past are welcome too. There are two galleries of pictures already available, but names are needed for many of those in the pictures so that their relevance and historical integrity are preserved.

Information about meetings and events to be held by the Association will appear in the Association News pages of the website. The Annual General Meeting to be held in the spring will be advertised here soon, and there are already plans for another barbecue, together with a cricket match, to be held on Founders Day on the 28th June 2024.

As with all new enterprises, there are bound to be snags, problems and glitches with the new processes, and our new Association website will probably have its own teething problems. All the membership details are being held in the new system, along with the ability to pay membership fees directly online. If you do have a problem or query about your membership or subscription payment, please let us know using the contact form that you can find here and from links on several pages.  Similarly, if you find any problems or issues with the website itself, please contact the Secretary (click here).

This new website will hopefully bring a new vitality to our association and will provide an enhanced sense of purpose and direction. We must be sure to welcome our guest members, the current students at the school, with information and news, and hopefully they will then choose to become Associate members when they leave school. If you find this website helpful and interesting, please bring it to the attention of your friends who were at school with you and who may not currently be members of the Association. It is now so easy for them to join and be part of our shared journey to the future.

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  1. The new website is a great initiative. Is it possible to edit (or even delete, so that I can repost) content I have created? I’ve spotted an error I’ve made, but can’t find any way to correct it.

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